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Rebuild your vanpools with MagicBus

Let's get ready to ride again

Your riders, their schedule

Our vanpooling app lets riders instantly book seats and schedule upcoming rides – we match riders, drivers, and vans to create new pools with on-demand dynamic schedules

Rebuilding routes

The MagicBus platform makes it easy to restart existing vanpools and build new routes. Riders can suggest and share routes to add even more riders to your pools.

The data you need

We provide data and reports for program evaluation and applying for subsidies from NTD and local governments.

Friendly user experience

Great user experience is now the norm, not the exception. We make vanpooling simple and intuitive, and we’re always updating features and designs to keep up with changing trends and customer needs.

Help your employees commute together

Contact us today to see how MagicBus can help you rebuild & manage your vanpool program.

Recent updates

Learn more about vanpooling with MagicBus. Our technology makes it easy to get started and grow your vanpool program and help your employees get to work efficiently.