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Predictable Vanpools for Unpredictable Schedules

Dynamic vanpooling provides on-demand transportation when and where your employees need it. Dynamic vanpooling with MagicBus gives your organization the flexibility you need when planning and scheduling vanpool routes. Riders can schedule their in-office days in advance and MagicBus will create on-demand dynamic vanpools to get them to work.

How do Dynamic Vanpools work with Flexible Schedules?

Dynamic vanpools only operate when they’re needed and can be booked in as little as 24 hours. Organizations first need to add their vehicles, vehicle coordinators, and drivers to the platform.

Riders can then make route suggestions or select an existing vanpool route and add their desired ride days to the calendar. When enough riders are interested in riding on a specific day we’ll create the pool and automatically book their seats so they can hop on and ride.

Fixed Schedules

Vehicles arrive at every stop regardless of demand

Dynamic Scheduling

Members of the pool set their daily schedule so drivers pick up based on demand

Map shown for illustration only

Grow Ridership Predictably

Dynamic vanpools are a great way to quickly get your program up and running based on rider demand. Pools can be created in less than a day once riders have added their availability. Vanpool coordinators can stay up to date on route and rider demand so that they can create new pools, find drivers, and manage their vans to best serve riders.

Organizations can also enable rider subscriptions for predictable booking. Subscriptions give riders a reliable means of transportation that automatically rebooks their seat on a weekly or monthly basis.

Subscriptions and Flexible Booking

Organizations can open seats to any rider so they can dynamically book a seat and share the ride with subscribed riders. Subscribed riders will still get their reserved seat every month but extra seats can be filled on a daily basis by employees with flexible schedules.

Are Dynamic Vanpools and Ride Subscriptions Right for My Employees?

Let your employees decide – MagicBus lets organizations configure their vanpool routes according to their employees needs. Some teams may have fixed schedules so they need a predictable vanpool to the office every day. Other teams may have varying schedules throughout the week so they can set their availability and let MagicBus create on-demand pools when they’re all ready to ride.

Schedule a Demo

Reach out to the MagicBus team today to schedule a demo. Learn more about vanpooling and how fixed and on-demand schedules can get your vanpool program up and running quickly while providing a long-term predictable commuting option.

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