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Vanpool Management at Scale

The MagicBus platform captures the datapoints needed to effectively manage and optimize your vanpool program. Our platform tracks vehicle usage to help better plan routes, reduce maintenance downtime, and plan capacity for current and future demand.

Meaningful Reporting and Metrics

MagicBus keeps track of on-going trips within your vanpool program to give you route interest, driver utilization, and vehicle performance metrics. We provide insights into how your riders and drivers are using your vanpool program as well as how to continue adding new riders and routes.

Dynamic Data for Dynamic Vanpools

The MagicBus Metrics dashboard tracks dynamic vanpool metrics including ride requests, subscription rider interest, overbooked routes, and ride cancellation data. Organizations can easily reroute and redeploy their vehicles as demand changes to ensure all riders can get a ride when and where they need it.

Organizations can break down reporting metrics by route or vehicle to identify bottlenecks, common cancellation issues, and optimize vehicle utilization.

NTD Reporting

Our reporting dashboard can help with NTD reporting including passenger miles traveled, vehicle revenue miles, and vehicle revenue hours for S-10 and MR-20 reports.

The MagicRide app makes it easy for your riders, drivers, and coordinators to report on their vanpool and vehicle usage – no need for paper reporting. Our app captures reporting data when it happens and allows for post-ride updates if anything was missed.

Positive Impacts and Emissions Reductions

Vanpooling helps commuters and companies improve the air quality and commuting experience in their region. Vanpools provide flexible shared rides that reduce single occupancy vehicle trips as well as the emissions from those additional vehicles. Electric vehicles can provide even more environmental benefits with almost no CO2 emissions during each trip.

The MagicBus reporting dashboard provides emission reduction estimates as well as single occupancy vehicle reduction reporting for all routes and riders on your vanpool program.

On-going Optimization

Our reporting provides accurate data on past ride data as well as insightful estimates into future demand across your vanpool program. The MagicBus app captures scheduling demand up to a month in advance so organizations can add vehicle capacity, additional drivers, and new routes.

Riders and drivers can have peace of mind knowing that their preferred vanpool route will continue to get them to work safely and conveniently.

How Can MagicBus Reporting Improve My Employee’s Commutes?

Our reporting tools are designed to make running a vanpool easy while leveraging real-world data to make informed routing decisions. The MagicBus Vanpooling app enables drivers and coordinators to easily track vehicle usage, performance, and downtime. Setting up and supporting users is simple with account invites and user management tools built for vanpooling.

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