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Intelligent Fleet Management and Optimization

Track your fleet and keep utilization up with the MagicBus platform. Dynamic scheduling with MagicBus keeps vehicle occupancy high by adjusting schedules based on user demand. Your fleet can serve more passengers and keep you informed with our reporting dashboard and custom integration with vehicle telematics.
Our dynamic scheduling platform keeps vehicle occupancy high while reducing empty trips. Riders can request rides up to a month in advance so you can plan vehicle deployments, driver schedules, and maintenance.
Our built-in reporting gives you mileage, rider, and driver metrics for each route, vehicle, and day of the week. We can integrate with vehicle telematics, fleet management platforms, and other third-party data and reporting platforms to give you detailed fleet and utilization data.

Fleet Management and Growth Challenges

Fleet managers need to keep passenger vehicle occupancy high while ensuring their vans, shuttles, and EVs are getting the maintenance they need as well as proper storage and staging.

MagicBus can make it easier to track, maintain, and plan your vanpool and employee shuttle fleet with our reporting dashboards, vehicle coordinator scheduling, and third-party integration with vehicle telematics, facility management platforms, and other data platforms.

  • Hybrid schedules causes fluctuation in demand for employee transportation to the office
  • Van and shuttle occupancy unpredictable
  • Reduced parking availability means more employees should ride share
  • Employees may not have access to private vehicle or predictable transit near their home

Better van and shuttle fleet management and utilization

Demand-based Vehicle Management

Plan vehicle and driver assignments ahead of time based on rider-provided schedules in the MagicBus app

Van and Shuttle Tracking

Get live tracking data, metrics, and ridership data for each vehicle and route

Fleet Management

Plan maintenance, storage, and charging while avoiding downtime and keeping utilization high

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Easier Van and Shuttle Fleet Management with MagicBus

The MagicBus platform helps keep fleet utilization high and keeps more vehicles on the road with predictable routing, maintenance, and charging schedules

  • Flexible scheduling for riders, drivers, and vehicles keeps seats filled
  • Customized integration with vehicle tracking/telematics, facility management systems, and badging/access systems
  • Detailed reporting for vehicles, routes, and drivers to manage and optimize assets

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