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Together we will change the way people commute

We’re a team that’s passionate about using technology to make transportation easy for everyone

Customers First

We always prioritize our customers. We’re empathetic in understanding our customers’ needs as we’re shaping our products and services.

Find & Solve Problems

We’re a group of problem solvers! We believe in finding problems, building solutions to solve the problem, and validating that we provide value to our customers.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to save people’s time while reducing carbon emissions, and our work is driven and motivated by this mission.

Lean & Scrappy

We take a hypothesis-driven and agile approach to test and validate problems and solutions. We prioritize speed and efficiency. We do things in clever, scrappy ways.

Accountability and Flexibility

We are a team of leaders and hold each other accountable for what we’re working on. We are owners and our job isn’t done until it’s properly working in the hands of customers. We work across different time zones and are flexible on when/how you work as long as you collaborate and Get Things Done.

Learn & Be Curious

We constantly seek to understand how things work and never hesitate to ask questions. We explore the root cause of problems by asking 5 Whys. We are curious and not judgemental.

Develop Each Other

We take responsibility to develop ourselves and our teammates. We believe in giving feedback often and helping each other grow.