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Build Your Employee Transportation Program

Transportation is an employee benefit​. Start and expand your employee transportation program with a rider-friendly app and digital tools to track rides, measure progress, and optimize your transportation network.

Retain, hire, and expand access to talent when you offer employee transit options with MagicBus. Our dynamic ride matching platform makes it simple to start and expand a vanpool or employee shuttle program that’s customized for your company and employee’s commutes.

Employees can share the ride and save on expenses when they commute with vanpools or shuttles. Riders and employers can both save with transit benefits and payroll tax deductions.

Employee Transportation Challenges

HR professionals continue to face new challenges as companies adapt to hybrid schedules, remote workers, and a distributed workforce. Employers are becoming more involved in employee transportation to enhance their benefits package, retain existing employees, and gain access to a larger pool of talent that might not have access to a vehicle or fixed transportation options.

  • Traffic and high gas prices can make driving to work stressful and expensive
  • Public transit options may be limited or non-existent at certain times or schedules
  • Sharing vehicles or relying on carpools may not be predictable
  • Parking availability may be limited or expensive to provide
  • Carbon emission reductions via ride sharing

Scale employee transportation based on needs, demand, and awareness

Crowdsource New Routes

Build new routes around your employee’s commute patterns

Multistop Service

Expand service area and keep vehicle utilization high

Full Service

Expand service area and keep vehicle utilization high

Map shown for illustration only

MagicBus Improves Employee Transportation

The MagicBus platform helps you manage and expand your employee transportation program with dynamic ride matching for vanpools and employee shuttles.

  • Easy onboarding
  • White labeling and SSO integration with existing HR and employee benefit platforms
  • Easily track expenses, fares, and ridership
  • Quickly add new routes based on demand
  • Vehicles only run when needed with dynamic scheduling to save money and increase utilization
  • Reduce carbon emissions from employee transportation with ride sharing

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