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Creating new routes for the new normal

MagicBus makes it easy restart and build new vanpool routes.  Our crowdsourcing tool lets commuters tell you when and where they want to go. MagicBus then creates new routes from the rider survey data to get commuters moving.

Add New Routes and Expand Existing Programs

Vanpooling offers a flexible way to add new transportation options in your region. MagicBus makes it easy to figure out where your riders want to go with our branded crowdsourcing features so you can quickly get your program up and running to meet your commuters’ needs.

Capturing commuting data, simplified

We’ll partner with you to launch a custom crowdsourcing page to ask your commuters when and where they’re going to work. Commuters can enter their pick up and drop off locations, choose their desired arrival and departure times, and pick which days of the week they want to ride.

"Kickstart" a route

Once we find enough riders with similar commutes we can begin building the actual routes, get the van and driver set up, and get ready to ride. Organizations can reach out directly to interested riders when a new vanpool goes live in their area.

Crowdsourcing vanpool route ideas with MagicBus can help you launch your new vanpool program or add more relevant routes to your existing program. MagicBus makes it easy to survey riders and commuters in your area about their transportation and commuting needs. Organizations can quickly launch new pools that better serve their riders by matching other people in their area with similar commutes.

Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to evaluate new suggestions, map out route ideas, and quickly add your new routes to our rider-friendly app for quick booking. Organizations can keep riders up-to-date about pending routes and help find drivers before the route goes live.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about the MagicBus vanpool platform. Learn more about restarting and expanding your vanpool program by connecting to your riders and crowdsourcing the best vanpool routes for them.