Once you’ve got your vanpool fleet set up, route planned, and riders confirmed it time to actually start running your vanpool.

Drivers and Alternates

Most vanpool programs rely on the commuters themselves to drive the van. Vanpool drivers typically just need a regular class C drivers license (no additional CDL required) with some states adding additional requirements for minimum age and safe driving history. You’ll want to designate an alternate driver in case your primary driver is unavailable.

Oftentimes vanpool drivers can ride for a reduced fare or even for free.  Vanpool drivers may also be allowed to use the van outside of the vanpool on a limited basis.

Rider minimums and trip verification

Many vanpool incentives offered by federal, state, or local governments typically require a minimum number of riders or filled seats to qualify for assistance, grants, and transit subsidies. Vanpool drivers, coordinators, and riders are responsible for accurately recording and reporting vanpool ridership on a monthly basis.  Pools that fail to meet or report their ridership may lose their subsidies and have their vehicle reallocated for another route.

The MagicBus platform simplifies the vanpool booking and ridership process with our rider-friendly app and reporting dashboard.  Vanpool ridership and usage is automatically captured with our platform to provide utilization data and NTD reporting metrics.

Engaging with Employers and the Community

Vanpool programs can greatly benefit riders, their employers, and the community around them. Vanpooling helps reduce single occupancy trips by letting different commuters share the ride and cost of getting to work everyday.  Vanpools help reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to single-vehicle trips. This means riders can ditch the car for their daily commute while employers can tap a wider range of talent.

The MagicBus platform can help identify new routes, expand on existing routes, and help commuters get where they’re going more easily.

Interested in learning more about rebuilding or starting a new vanpool program? Get in touch with the MagicBus team for a demo of our vanpooling platform and learn more about starting your vanpool program.

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