Integrating with HR systems, vehicle telematics, and more

The MagicBus platform is designed to easily launch, manage, and grow your vanpool and employee shuttle program. In addition to standard features such as reporting, app white labeling, trip tracking, and notifications we can also provide customized integration with your company’s existing or planned platforms and data sources.

Payments and Fares

The MagicBus app can already accept payment from credit and debit cards including third-party payment and benefits platforms that offer prepaid transit cards such as WageWorks, Commuter Benefits, and American Benefits Group.

We can also integrate with additional payment systems to enable account balances and prepaid fares for riders. Companies can expand access to new employees and help retain existing ones when they provide subsidized employee transportation. Riders don’t need to worry about paying cash, tracking mileage, or reloading their payment cards when MagicBus account balances are directly integrated with your company’s HR and transit management platforms.

We can also provide ridership and vehicle reporting metrics to ensure riders are using and paying for trips. Our reporting tools track vehicle trips and can integrate with vehicle telematics system to ensure accurate vehicle tracking, asset location, and account for fuel and maintenance expenses.

Vehicle and Fleet Telematics

MagicBus can provide basic vehicle tracking when vans or shuttles are picking up or dropping off riders. This ridership and vehicle data is already included in our standard reporting metrics.

Smartrak ODB-II telematics for passenger vans and shuttle vehicles

We can provide additional detail and metrics for your vehicle fleet by integrating with vehicle tracking devices such as the Smartrak ODB-II, telematics platforms, and by pulling data directly from manufacturers such as Ford Data Services and Lighning Insights.  This additional data can be added to the reporting dashboard so your fleet managers and drivers stay up to date on the condition of their vehicles.

Human Resources and Payroll

Our platform can also integrate with your existing employee management systems, HR platforms, payroll systems, and others to provide a consistent user experience for your employees.

We can enable single sign on access so your employees have instant access to MagicBus without creating a new account. HR teams can manage access to vanpool programs, access ridership reporting metrics, and provide fare subsidies at the employee level.

Door access control system

Companies can integrate the booking and boarding process with employee badges and building access systems. This lets your employees access the van or employee shuttle with their existing ID cards or fobs while providing instant verification for boarding.

Employers can also offer commuter benefits and track utilization by integrating payroll and commuter benefits systems with MagicBus. Employers can offer rewards and incentives when employees start riding and continue to book with MagicBus.

Calendars and Scheduling

MagicBus can integrate with your existing calendar and scheduling software such as Microsoft Office with Teams, Google Calendar, or Slack. Employees can set their in-office days or availability status on their own calendar or with a shared one for their vanpool, team, or division. MagicBus can generate dynamic vanpool schedules and routes based on upcoming events and days in office.

Scheduling work from home days in Microsoft Office

MagicBus can also integrate with building automation systems and digital signage to keep your employees informed. MagicBus schedules can be shown in building lobbies and parking structures to inform riders of upcoming shuttles or interruptions in service. Digital signage can also encourage employees to consider vanpool or employee shuttle options when they arrive or leave work.

Other integrations could include calendar notifications for upcoming vehicle maintenance, schedule changes for holidays, and other relevant information beyond daily ride schedules.

Customizing MagicBus for my Company

The MagicBus platform is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. Companies can get started easily with our app white labeling, SSO integrations, and other standard features that create a seamless experience for your riders, drivers, and employees.

But we’re also ready for any custom requests for integrating with your company’s processes and building additional features to grow and improve your employee transportation program. Schedule a demo today to learn about the powerful features already built into the MagicBus platform and how we can go beyond to provide a truly dynamic employee transportation management system for your employees.

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